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2000 Honda Integra Review, Kukusamy, From Zimbabwe

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JDM Integra Review » HONDA JDM Integra Type-R

 Model of the car:HONDA JDM Integra Type-R
 General comments:Like I said, the VTEC is a masterpiece. The Honda engineers who created the VTEC engine should be worshipped. From VTEC came everything else, VVT-i, VANOS, etc etc. None of them comes close to the power and efficiency of the VTEC. This car is truly the most amazing machine I've ever seen. Plus mine's JDM, which I personally think has got a better front end than the USDM model. The engine roars and heads turn to see a white streak flash by. Mine's championship white BTW. The handling is SERRRIIIOOOUUUUSSSS SSTUFFF!!!! AMAZING! Cornering at high speed has never been this beautiful and neat-cut! I LUV this car man, nothing beats it in the 1.8L range. For the price, this has got to be the best you can get.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:The loudness, which I enjoy thoroughly but many don't.
 Previous car:Toyota Celica GT-S. VVTL-i is NOTHING compared to V-TEC.

Review 2000 Honda Integra Kukusamy, From Zimbabwe
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